Several courses available in LPU distance education

Several courses available in LPU distance education


Post-graduation makes sure that each candidate has a successful career according to their choice. A post-graduation degree provides an edge to the students over students with only undergraduate degrees. LPU distance education degree is often more profitable in comparison to doing a full-time course because of the flexibility offered. Generally, is known as a Master of Commerce program and this is a 2-year post-graduation degree that focuses on giving skills and knowledge in commerce and finance. Besides, LPU distance learning does not need a physical presence and any strict timetable. This will help aspirants rise via the corporate ladder and get successful.

The advantages of LPU distance learning education vary according to your learning style and your aims. The benefits of correspondence education will depend on the course that you have enrolled in. LPU distance education is one of the best courses for those students who are looking for a career in the field of commerce and finance. One of the best advantages of this course program is that includes a great amount of flexibility when it comes to time and location that traditional learning cannot offer. This education is such as doorway to many fields of careers like – banking, insurance, finance, commerce, exports, and so on.

This education is such as beneficial for those candidates who preparing for exams like C.A, C.S, or so on. It helps them focus on their exam while pursuing their master’s degree and the subjects in help them prepare for other exams as well.

Master of Commerce Eligibility and duration

  • Students with B. COM (Bachelor of Commerce) /BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) / BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) degree or graduation with maths or economics as their subjects from a recognized university, with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Students must have original proof of passing graduation.
  • This is a 2-year course devised into 4 semesters, where each semester focuses on unfamiliar concepts and subjects.

Specialization –

LPU distance education has many specializations, from which candidates have to pick one. This is a very sufficient decision to make, so students are advised to think carefully before choosing a specialization. The specialization you opt for will be like your major subject, which means you will learn more deeply about that specialization and how finance and commerce are used around it. Some specializations are –

  • M. Com in Computer Applications
  • M. Com in Accounting & Finance
  • M. Com in Taxation
  • M. Com in Finance
  • M. Com in Human Resource Management
  • M. Com in Marketing

Conclusion –

LPU distance education course is one of the most preferred courses offered by many universities, even via full-time courses still have the majority of students in the past few years, people have been shifting to distance learning courses. This will be the future of education, so if you are also trying to upgrade your skills or just desire to get a good post-graduation degree, then this course is one of the best options for you.


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