Significance of Buying A Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Significance of Buying A Personal Accident Insurance Policy

A Personal accident insurance policy provides financial assistance and support to the policyholder in the case of accidents. The money is provided against any impairment, accidental demise or dismemberment that gets caused by an accident. 

This insurance policy covers both the minor and major accidents

The personal accident insurance policy covers accident-related expenses and is very different from a medical insurance policy. If your health insurance or medical insurance does not provide you to add-on this benefit, then it becomes even more important for you to buy a separate personal accident insurance that gives a good number of benefits and advantages.  read also about : Cervical Clamp

You might be sceptical about why buying this particular insurance is so important for you and hence we have listed down below the importance of having personal accident insurance for you.

  1. Increase in the road accidents

Daily you might be seeing some or the other news where they mention about a dangerous accident in some part of the country. Some people leave their brains in their homes while they are on roads driving and there are some other uncontrollable factors too that could result in an accident, without anybody’s fault. According to a 2015 survey, from all the road accidents that happened that year, 43% of the cases resulted in accidental deaths which makes our blood run cold. 

Nonetheless, people must be prepared for such incidents because these days we all go for work and travel so much. Life is uncertain and more riskier than before. Therefore, getting coverage for these unforeseen accidents is a necessity these days. 

  1. Disabilities in the accidents

Accidents are the major reason for people having physical disabilities. According to the surveys, people have a higher chance of getting a disability as a result of an accident. 

In case you are the only bread earner of the family and because of an accident, you become completely disabled and can’t work, then it might hamper your financial well-being of your family. In this case, personal accident insurance could be your best friend and help you overcome all the expenses and problems. Unfortunately, if you become physically disabled, you will have no or minimum financial problems which could be a huge relief. 

  1. Hospitalisation Expenses

Nobody knows how severe the accident will be. We don’t know how dangerous it can result and what all it can do to a person. The treatments can be huge and therefore it can give rise to a lot of expenses. Also, the bigger and critical the treatment is, the more days a person spends in the hospital. We know how expensive the hospitals are these days and to avoid so much financial tension and debt, it is better to avoid those problems in the future. The only way to reduce the risk is to buy personal accident insurance as early as possible.

  1. Loss of life/Deaths

According to a survey conducted in the year of 2015, nearly 1.4 lac people lost their lives in the country because of road accidents. Accidents can be severe and the current scenario makes people scared. You can’t totally give up on driving and stop living your life. But the best you can do is take a good step by buying accident insurance. This insurance can’t fulfil the absence of a person but it definitely can help the family that is dependent financially on the person so that at least they can live a smooth life ahead. If you are the only person earning in the family and you still don’t have personal accident insurance, please don’t delay further. It is the need of the hour!

  1. Coverage provided worldwide

Almost all the personal accident insurances give coverage for the accidents that happen even abroad or overseas. Unfortunately if you meet with an accident out of the country then also all your expenses will be taken care of. So no matter what corner you are in the world, if you have Medical Insurance, you are sorted and your family will be safe and secured against all the problems. 

Summing Up

This post makes you understand the meaning and significance of having personal accident insurance. Though it sounds ‘personal’, the coverage and benefits are for the whole family. Our country faces a lot of road accidents on a daily basis. We never know what will happen to us or our loved ones. We just want that even if we are no more, our family must live a peaceful and hassle-free life financially. Nobody wants to leave a burden behind for the people they love. 

Personal accident insurance helps you and your family overcome all the problems and tensions. It can be a saviour for your family. Therefore, to avoid the terrible times and situations for your family, go for accident insurance now. 

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