Cenforce is a type of medicine or drug that is used for the treatment of men’s health issues related to hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction(ED) after the age of 40 plus. These drugs are manufactured in an Indian laboratory named as Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. The main ingredient in this medicine is “Sildenafil Citrate ‘.This ingredient in the medicine is very helpful to boost the blood flow in a person’s body, relaxing the muscles and helpful for long-term duration of a person. It also increases the cGMP production.

 It is a generic medicine and millions of people and a trustworthy brand name in this cure. The medicine is available in different doses such as tablets, injections, or oral suspension which is recommended by the consultant or doctor. It can be treated easily at any stage of the ailment or problem faced by the men. It is a medicine which can be found easily, same like another medicine Viagra available in the market but it is safer than Viagra, due to the low side effects and safe use. The most important thing about Cenforce is that it’s available at a very cheap rate and also it is approved by the FDA. The other name of the Cenforce is “red pills ‘.

Price Cenforce:

Price range is varying due to the difference in dose or strengths of it. Here is generally range is between $54 -393

2.Reason to use of the Cenforce:

The main and most important use of the Cenforce 150 mg medicine is to have a healthy and happy marriage life .A man will use it ,also women will use it for a happy life but with some care. There are some reasons in which some are under;

  • Stamina power increases: Some people tire easily during the relationship with their partner. Cenforce medication increases his stamina power by the blood flow boost up.
  • Performance or results of cenforce medication is very helpful by using this medication.
  • Blood Flows boosting: By taking the medicine in form of pills or oral suspension in any dosage form, increasing the blood flows provide the energy level at high and show the best performance.
  • Helpful in controlling stress and depression. A man who is suffering from impotence due to stress, depression, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem with the relation of his partner or in his marriage life will be controlled due to the medicine or pills according to the recommendation of the doctor.
  •     Cure of impotence in the male
  • This is very helpful and easy to use and also available at cheap rates.

3. Dosage of cenforce.

The different dose uses but also it’s very important to consult the doctor for the right prescription such as which dose is suitable for that time. Doctor will advise you to take one pill at once and avoid taking more than one. As it is a brand having different strengths, and the lowest dose is 25 mg and reaches highest dose at 200mg and standard dose is 100mg.Doctor will do the necessary treatment and test for right prescription and then will advise. The ingredient in it ‘Sildenafil ‘is safe for the result. The usage duration should not exceed 2 years. When starting the medication, one thing must be remembered, do not miss the recommended dose otherwise can cause side effects.

4.Strengths of Cenforce:

There are different strengths of the medicine as some names are

  • 25mg: Normally known as ‘blue pills’ and packaging size 10 tablets each, price range of one pack  $54 .
  • 50 mg: normally known as OSR. Price range of one pack is $63 
  • 100 mg: The color is blue in tablets and Price range of per pack  is $70
  • 120 mg: The color is red, best quality available easily. Price range of one pack is $77.
  • 130mg: The color greenish blue. Price range of one pack is $72.
  • 150mg: The color red also has very effective results. Price range of  per pack is $86
  • 200mg: The red color but effect amazing and Price range of one pack  is $95
  • Cenforce d: The same in blue color and Price range of one pack is $126.
  • Cenforce FM,: Pink in colors: Size of tablets  and Price range of one pack  is $63 .
  • It is professional: The color is light blue and Price range of one pack is $69.
  • Cenforce soft 100mg: The color is red and the price range of one pack is $72.

           Note (one pack mostly included 90 pills).

5.Precautions and Safety measures to use Cenforce:

There is a need to use some safety measures or precaution for the best results of medication, if not then cannot achieve the right solution and best results. The most important point is to consult the doctor’s advice, who suggests ,according to the condition. Sometimes overdose can cause severe side effects which are harmful to the body.

  1. Avoid due to   any allergy to the ingredient or things that can cause an allergy.
  2. Avoid taking medicine if you have any health issues. Avoid taking medication with heavy use of alcohol and Tobacco.
  3. Always use a single dose to avoid a miss or heavy dose.
  4. void to driving due to drowsiness
  5. Beware that using this medication with other medicine can cause problems.
  6. Medication can affect with the use of grapefruits
  7. Use of nitrates with this will be fatal.
  8. Don’t use or recommend it to friends or family.
  9. Women should avoid it if she is  feeding the babies.
  10. Heart patients should avoid using this medicine without doctor advice.
  11. This medication is very sensitive to Liver kidney issues.
  12. Young people younger than 40 must not use it.
  13. Doctor can be recommending the Cenforce 50 Safe tablet for hypertension

6.Side effects of Cenforce:

All the medicine either in any shape or dose must have side effects but a person can be ridden oif he will use according to the prescribed formula by the doctors. So the different side effects of this can be following:

  • breath problems
  • headache
  • stomach issue
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • drowsiness
  • ears hearing problems
  • sleeping problems
  • fever 
  • throat problems
  • Priapism
  • Chest Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors

7.Customer’s reviews 

Cenforce 50 reviews are great and trustworthy .More than reviews are, here are some of them.

Thomas Harry:

“I am 55 years old and have high blood pressure  due to the fact that I was facing the issue of erection after one  year of high  blood pressure . I used different medicines but home cure but the best results are found through Cenforce drugs “.This provides a very effective and strong before the time.

Then my friend told me to use Cenforce drugs. This medicine is incredible as it provides effective results. Now, I am getting stronger erections like before for a longer time

Billy bell:

When I was with my partner ,I faced this problem but after the suggestion of my friend I used the cenforce drugs ,I found amazing results .So now I am living a healthy and perfect life and get complete satisfaction.

  • On the whole as the reviews and use, Cenforce drugs are very useful under the prescription.It can be easily available on online different stores.

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