Table Reservations In The Large And Small Oktoberfest Germany Tents

Table Reservations In The Large And Small Oktoberfest Germany Tents

Without a reservation to the Wiesn and the beer tent? The good news: Some of the tables are kept free for spontaneous visitors. In the evening and in groups, however, it can happen that you don’t get a spot – or you don’t get into the tent at all because it’s closed due to overcrowding. Our FAQs on Oktoberfest Germany reservations.

Do I have to reserve a seat in the beer tent?

Basically not. Admission to the festival tents is free. A quarter of the places in the tents may not be reserved as a matter of principle. On weekends and public holidays, even half of all seats are excluded from reservations up to 3 p.m, and 35 percent after that.

Where can I reserve a table in the tent?

There is no central reservation office. Table reservations are always made via the respective tent. You can and should reserve in good time even in most of the small Oktoberfest Germany tents, especially if there are several of you and want to go to the Oktoberfest Germany in the evening. Reservations are mostly made online, sometimes over the phone. Click here for the tents with the reservation information!

When is a reservation possible at the Wiesn?

The reservation option for the next Oktoberfest Germany is usually activated in spring, at the latest in April or May – the festival hosts provide information on their websites. Please don’t: call or email from October of the previous year, that’s no use.

How much does a reservation in the beer tent cost?

The reservation itself is free of charge, as is visiting the Wiesn and the beer tents. However, you have to buy and pay for vouchers in advance, which are tokens, for example for two liters of beer and half a chicken per person.

From how many people can a table be reserved?

“One Oktoberfest Germany for two, please” – that’s not the case at the Oktoberfest Germany. Sociability is very important and reservations are only accepted for tables, with eight to ten people sitting at a table. The vouchers for a table cost around 350 euros together on average, but in some tents it can be more.

How exactly does a reservation work?

From spring it will be: Check directly on the websites of the tents whether the reservation option is already activated. As soon as that is the case, you should be quick! But even just before the Wiesn starts, it’s worth checking or asking again, because some people cancel their reservations at short notice. Once you have sent your request, you have to wait and don’t drink a beer yet. After a few days or weeks, you will then receive confirmation by email, transfer the sum for the vouchers, pick up tokens and, if necessary, entry wristbands in the regular restaurant of the respective festival host or have them sent to you. From then on, all you have to do is look forward to it!

Can I specify a desired date?

In principle, of course: yes. However, the reservation on the first Saturday of the Wiesn in the Schottenhamel festival hall right next to the tapping box will probably not come to fruition. Even on the weekend and before the holiday, the tables are particularly popular in the evening. It’s a bit easier during the week, at noon and at the Oidn Wiesn.

What if I still have beer stamps left after the Wiesn?

Doesn’t worry, even if that should happen, there is still the option of redeeming the tokens for food and drink in the main establishments or other restaurants of the Oktoberfest Germany hosts – even long after the Oktoberfest Germany?

What is the Munich contingent all about?

Since there has been a special regulation for Munich residents at the Wiesn: in the large tents, the landlords are allowed to give up an additional 15 percent of the seats that cannot actually be reserved to Munich residents at the weekend. Anyone who is interested must have their main place of residence in Munich and before the Wiesn, usually from June; they must present their identity card to the respective innkeeper in person. There is no minimum consumption here, but most innkeepers charge a small processing fee. Information on this can be found on the websites of the festival hosts.

What else should I watch out for when making a reservation?

Reservations may not be resold — if this does happen, hosts usually notice and cancel those reservations. Therefore, please do not under any circumstances “acquire” table reservations at internet auctions or from any other source than directly from the respective landlord of the desired tent. It may be a little tedious and requires some patience, but you’re on the safe side here.

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