The Ultimate Guide to Write a Dissertation in Business Studies

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Dissertation in Business Studies

Submitting a perfectly structured dissertation and getting a degree on time is a moment of breathtaking joy. However, to enjoy this happiness, first, you have to write a dissertation. An overwhelming number of students and scholars find it difficult to write a dissertation in business studies. Indeed, a dissertation is quite a lengthy academic document, but most of the time, students fail due to their own negligence. They do not learn how to write a dissertation and put the blame on the complexity of the writing task.

Business studies is a dynamic field that is undergoing massive change these days, and writing a dissertation in this field is really a difficult task. Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about writing a dissertation in a business field. There will be a mention of all the steps you have to take when writing such a dissertation. So, let’s get started.

A step-by-step guide to writing a dissertation in business studies

The business field is one of the most professional fields these days. It is vast, diverse, and dynamic. Due to this, writing a dissertation in this field requires extensive research and critical thinking skills. This academic document is mostly crafted at the end of a master’s or PhD degree. The following guidelines or steps will help you a lot in crafting a very good business studies dissertation:

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1. Select a good business topic

The first thing to do in writing a dissertation in the business field is finalising the topic. This is the first and the most challenging decision. It is challenging in the sense that you are going to spend the next one or two years researching that topic. So, it should be something based on your interest and liking. To choose a good topic, you can explore the lecture notes or the books and other relevant material that you have studied during the semester.

2. Conduct extensive research on the topic

Once you have the dissertation topic in hand, the next step is to conduct research on that topic. Research is not just going to the internet, pasting your topic in the search box, and collecting the information. It is about extensively going through all the aspects of the chosen research topic and collecting data relevant to the topic. To collect this data, you must always use credible sources of information. Some of these sources are ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and ScienceDirect. However, if you face any difficulty in conducting research for your business studies dissertation, you can get dissertation help UK.

3. Make a dissertation outline

The next step is to make a dissertation outline prior to writing it. A dissertation outline is close to the reality structure of a dissertation in business studies. It includes information about the major sections and subsections that you intend to include in your dissertation. A dissertation is typically outlined in the form of 5 chapters. So, you should also divide it into 5 chapters and then include the major subsections that you intend to discuss under each chapter.

4. Start writing the dissertation

Once you have the topic, have collected all the relevant material, and also have formulated the outline, it is time to start writing the dissertation. A dissertation typically consists of 5 major chapters. What information goes into each chapter? Let’s learn in the following paragraphs:

  • Introduction. It is the first chapter of a dissertation on business studies. It introduces the readers to the research problem and sets the research aims and objectives. This chapter also includes the background and significance of the research topic.
  • Literature review. The second chapter is known as the review of the literature chapter. It is the most detailed part of a dissertation, in which you reflect on the relevant information published in your field.
  • Research methodology. The third and most important section of a dissertation is the methodology section. In this section, you describe the methods used and disclose the reasons behind their choice.
  • Results & Discussion. All the research findings after the application of research methods go into this chapter. As the writer of a business studies dissertation, you also discuss the results in relation to the research questions.
  • Conclusion. Lastly, there is a section of the conclusion where you summarise all your research work. It is the section where you also make recommendations about future research prospects in your field. When writing a conclusion, do not add anything new.

Final Thoughts

A business studies dissertation is really a challenging academic writing task. Without knowing the guidelines for writing this dissertation, you cannot complete it on time. Therefore, we advise you to go through each line written above. The above-discussed lines are the lines that will take you to the heights of success.

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