Tips To Buy & Sell Probate Real Estate!

Tips To Buy & Sell Probate Real Estate!

If you are an aspiring real estate investor, you must be looking for lucrative property deals like probate real estate sales or fix & flip properties. Both a probate sale and house flipping investment are attractive opportunities in the real estate market. In these real estate investment procedures, the investors get opportunities to buy houses at a price much lower than real market value and later sell it off at market rates. However, the important thing to bear in mind while dealing with such properties is the associated risks with them. Perhaps you may easily find a probate or fix & flip property by using tools like Flipscout but that’s not all for earning substantial profits.

The process of buying or selling houses through probate or fix & flip strategies is not as easy as they sound to be. Here in this blog, we will focus on probate sales. Read till the end to discover the best tips associated with selling or buying probate real estate.

Tips For Selling Probate Properties

Selling a probate house is a complex process since it involves steps like verifying the deceased owner’s will, appointing an estate representative, as well as locating all the assets of the deceased. Although probate laws vary from state to state, some powerful tips can help you make informed decisions,

  • File The Will On Time: According to probate laws, the estate executor must file the deceased’s will with the probate court within thirty days from the date of demise. Regardless of the size and value of the probate property, the file should be submitted within the specified timeframe to avoid legal troubles.
  • Try to Speed Up The Probate Process: A regular probate process generally takes six months to two years to settle. However, some state laws allow a shorter probate period for specific estates. So, ensure to check your estate laws associated with probate to determine if your probate property qualifies for a shorter settlement period.
  • Hire An Experienced Probate Real Estate Agent: It’s really essential to hire an experienced real estate agent to deal with your probate sale. Since probate is a cumbersome process, someone with years of experience in it can help you navigate through the complexities of the process.
  • Sell The Property As Sooner As Possible: Always consider selling a property as soon as it enters probate. This will help you save a lot of additional expenses which would otherwise be incurred on property maintenance. As a descendant of the deceased, you need to keep making payments for utilities, mortgages, taxes, and maintenance until you sell the property.
  • Revamp The Property Before Selling: Since most buyers look for ready-to-move properties these days, it’s a good idea to make small improvements to the property before selling it. Listing a revamped property on recognized portals like Flipscout, etc., can increase the property value as well as find a potential buyer in no time.

Tips For Buying Probate Properties

Buying a probate property is as challenging as selling one. However, the tips mentioned below can help you get your offer accepted.

  • Understand The Specifics of The Sale Process: To get a profitable deal, you should essentially understand the sale process specific to the probate property. Ensure to ask the real estate agent about the offer submission and acceptance criteria. Also, ask if you would require to undergo some special escrow processes or time constraints/restraints
  • Be Determined To Compete With Other Bidders: Do not expect to get an off-market probate sale. Although probate properties are sold at a price lower than the market value, the executors & trustees need to list the property on the public market and seek as many potentials offers as possible. So, always be prepared to compete with other buyers, based on the property & local market conditions.
  • Never Expect a Discount: It’s a smart move to submit offers at current market value or above and then request for discount explaining why the discount is in the best interest of the seller. In such a case, the estate or trust may accept your discounted offer, especially if they don’t have enough cash to renovate or repair the property and also need cash fast.
  • Keep Patience: Since probate is a complex process, requiring content from beneficiaries to accept an offer, it generally takes longer than usual property sale. So, keep patience throughout the process and ask the real estate broker about how long your offer will be valid.

Bottom Line

Probate sale is a complex process that involves a series of court-regulated steps. All the steps need to be carefully monitored and managed since deadlines are unforgiving. So, hopefully, this blog helped you learn the considerable factors associated with buying and selling probate real estate. Following the above-mentioned tips can help you sell or buy a probate property with ease and in less time.


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