Top 10 crafty things to do with your kids this weekend

Top 10 crafty things to do with your kids this weekend

Here’s a list of fun and creative ideas that will entertain your kids, while helping them learn something new. All you need is some time and enthusiasm, along with a few simple supplies! Add on some creativity and imagination, and you’ll have the best memories of your young ones growing up…

Top 10 crafty things:

1) Make Potters

You can make different style potters at home with your child. If you don’t know how to make it then you can take expert training from terra ember. Terra ember is well known for its potters’ training.

2) Make tie dye T-shirts

Take your child to the craft shop and give them a free hand to pick the colors and materials of their choice, and let them make some superhero or cartoon-themed T-shirt. You can also make one and take pictures of it together…

3) Make finger puppets

Kids love finger puppets, make one with your child. You can keep it as an early memory of them too. If you don’t like to make one then go for buying finger puppets toys for your kid in online stores like Amazon.

4) Make Jack-O-Lanterns & Decorate them

Decorate the pumpkin with your child, using paint and stickers. Let them be creative! Use non-toxic paints to avoid any health problems later on in their lives.

5) Wrap up Gifts

Your kid will love it if you allow him or her to decorate different gifts that you are going to send out this Christmas or New Year!! It’s a great way to teach them about the festive season.

6) Make A Mosaic Picture

This is a great activity for any age group. You’ll find plenty of mosaic kits in the market, or you can do it without any kit. Make a picture out of small, colorful tiles. It could be anything – a portrait of your child, family portraits, or even an abstract piece…

7) Make Homemade Soaps

You can easily make homemade soaps using simple ingredients that are available at home itself. Color them with natural dyes, and you’ve got some very personalized soaps!

8) Make A Fairy Garden

Give your kid a small pot of soil or sand with different types of plants in it. Let them be creative, experiment with the environment, and see what they can come up with.

9) Make Paper Airplanes

Kids love to make paper airplanes. You need to have good flying skills to make great paper airplanes. You can search on the internet first and then teach your kid how to make a good paper airplane.

10) And Finally, Play Together

Kids love games, don’t they? So play some simple board games with them! Have fun!!!

Benefits of doing an activity with your child:

Helps your kid to unleash their creativity. Imparting the importance of arts and crafts in your kid’s life Develops important fine motor skills Stretches your child’s imagination Limits screen time Gives you some family time together…


In conclusion, there are plenty of ways to spend some quality time with your child. Just get the basics down, and let them run with it! This will be fun for both of you. They’ll learn to express themselves, as well as how to make things, and you’ll get to spend great quality time with them…

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