Use of ceramic tiles in home renovations

Use of ceramic tiles in home renovations

Tiles tend to elevate the beauty and look of rooms, particularly because they are visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. This is the reason that they are quite popular and widely used in homes. Ceramic floor tiles are made from clay and water, and are significantly less expensive than some of the other flooring options available these days. Moreover, these are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs, to suit everyone’s needs.

How hygienic are ceramic tiles?

Ceramic doesn’t let the formation of bacteria, and neither does it lead to decay if not taken care of properly. The fact that these are non-absorbent makes them waterproof and perfect for installation in kitchens and bathrooms. That is not all! Ceramic tiles can withstand any type of chemical and do not get easily stained. All this makes ceramic tiles all the more hygienic.

Where can ceramic tiles be installed?

Ceramic tiles are quite versatile and thus can be used in a myriad of ways. Whether you use it in the shower area or use it as a bar wall for decorative reasons, ceramic tiles will always serve you well. So, for those planning on using it for their upcoming house renovation project, here are all the different ways in which you can incorporate the same.

  • Shower floor: This is clearly one of those areas where ceramic floor tiles are widely used. These tiles would allow you to tweak and customize the look of the shower floor to your liking, and in turn, give the bathroom a look worth cherishing. The blend of glazes further complements the look of the tiles and helps it flawlessly fit into the overall decor of the place.
  • Fireplace: Fireplaces tend to be the focal point or the point of attraction of a room. In fact, you can further highlight it by using elegant ceramic tiles to make it the centerpiece of the entire house. Many interior designers use colorful ceramic tiles to turn even the simplest of fireplaces into a thing of beauty.
  • Entryway: The use of ceramic tiles in the entryway gives it an inviting and beautiful look – one that makes your home stand out. The fact that ceramic tiles in Melbourne are available in different patterns and styles further adds an element of interest without being too overwhelming.

How long do ceramic flooring tiles last?

Investing in flooring tiles is a noteworthy investment, and so, everybody wants ceramic tiles to last long. Luckily, these are indeed quite durable, and this is one of the reasons why people opt for them. The fact that these are rugged and fairly easy to maintain, makes them all the more convenient.

Are ceramic floors good for high-traffic areas?

When pitted against flooring options like porcelain, ceramic tiles usually have a softer surface, though they are also quite hardy. So, ceramic floor tiles can withstand high foot traffic and are apt for pathways and patios. Moreover, they are comfortable to walk on and offer a fair bit of grip as well.

Can ceramic tiles be used outdoors?

We’ve already mentioned how ceramic tiles are extremely water-resistant and durable, and this is the reason why these are widely used even outdoors. The large range of colors, sizes, and designs makes it an ideal choice for outdoor installations. This is particularly suited for areas where you witness wet or icy conditions.

Advantages of using ceramic tiles in your home

Ceramic tiles may well be the only flooring option that works in all kinds of home setting. While these are mainly used in bathrooms, kitchen, and mudrooms, they are also used to a great effect in bedrooms and living areas. In fact, no matter where you use these, you can’t really go wrong with them. So, here’s a quick rundown of some of its many advantages.

  • Maintenance and repair: Ceramic tiles, particularly glazed tiles, have a protective top layer, which makes them impervious to stains and moisture. A little bit of sweeping and vacuuming is enough to keep the floor dirt free.
  • Design: Modern manufacturing methods allow companies to come up with printed and embossed ceramic tiles. So, you can always mix and match patterns and designs for the best results. Moreover, the tiles itself can be cut and shaped into planks, rectangles, and triangles.

Key takeaway

Ceramic tiles in Melbourne are fairly easy on the pocket, especially when you compare them with porcelain or vitrified tiles. This is why homeowners choose these over other forms of flooring.

Want to know more about ceramic tiles and how they can add beauty to your home? Feel free to connect with us through the comment section below, and we would be happy to come up with more such informative posts on ceramic tiles and other flooring options.


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