Viral posts on Facebook, the top 20 Facebook posts that got the most likes!

Viral posts on Facebook, the top 20 Facebook posts that got the most likes!

The dream of anyone who manages a Facebook page – from the profile of their business to one of pure entertainment – is to be able to generate viral posts. What is a viral post?

Simply, a post so successful that it quickly became much more than popular: just like a virus, the post spreads across the network and is seen by an ever-growing number of people, collecting likes and comments, also multiplying the views by dint of be shared on the message boards of friends.

So if you manage to publish the right post, what ultimately interests you is the returnthat you will surely have on your own page: an increase in the number of fans and therefore in possible contacts if it is your company page (read also: the best company pages in Italy ).

So what features will a post have to have to be viral?

In reality, a fixed rule does not exist. However, looking at the ranking below with the best 20 viral posts on Facebook , you will find that in one way or another the photos that have been around the world through the popular social network are all capable of arousing strong emotions (from memories to patriotism, from tenderness to the pure desire to escape).

Radio station Nu92 –  Who remembers doing this for their school books?”

NBC Charlotte – best wishes to Mrs. Cooper, 116 years old!

Echoes from the Past – “Do you remember candy cigarettes?”

Are We There Yet? – “I have no idea what it is … in your opinion?”

Once A Marine, Always A Marine –
photo of a woman who spends the night before the funeral next to her deceased husband’s coffin

Paw Justice – this little dog has been sleeping on his master’s grave for six years

I Love The Ocean – ” Let’s go to this place !!”

Matt Rogers – photo of a soldier who must leave his newborn daughter

90s Babies Only – “Who remembers them ?!”

Ann Gabhart – photo of her granddaughter who won the battle against cancer

Obama – family portrait

Olde Towne Antiques and Upholstery – “Who remembers this old movie?”

Stronglite – “Anyone else would like to be here now ?!”

Obama – thank you!

It’s All Abut Women –
this woman left her home to be taken to hospice.
The taxi driver accompanied her for the last time around the city,
following the places of her memories.

Adalia Rose –
this little girl, struck by a rare disease, shared a photo
of her and her mom with the same haircut “my mom and I are twins now !!”

Obama – “Another 4 years”

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