What Is the Benefit of a Retractable Hose Reel?

What Is the Benefit of a Retractable Hose Reel?

More and more people are taking up gardening since it’s a fantastic, rewarding hobby. There’s no denying, though, that it’s not a walk in the park. A garden requires consistent work, and without the appropriate tools, this work can be a lot to handle.

Watering is one of the most tedious parts of garden work, especially during the scorching summers when missing just one day can ruin all your efforts at keeping your plants alive thus far. While having a hose that is long enough to reach all parts of your garden certainly helps, it also has its drawbacks, unless you’re ready to upgrade it a bit.

A retractable hose reel is a game-changer when it comes to watering. Not only is it an attractive, modern addition to your garden, but it’s also extremely practical for several reasons. If you are intrigued, here are the benefits of a retractable hose reel.

No more frustration

If you have a large yard with plants in all four corners, then you probably already know how frustrating it can be to drag your hose around. Coiling and tangling are inevitable in these cases and getting the hose untangled can take so much time! Luckily, a retractable hose reel can put an end to these petty issues that stress you out during your garden work. Tug the hose and it will retract by itself kink-free!

Reach any part of your garden

Similar to the previous perk, a retractable hose reel can also make it easier for you to reach any part of your garden. You can have an appropriate length of hose without worrying about it constantly being in the way. This will mean that you no longer have to take watering restrictions into consideration when planning the layout of your garden. You can put your raised garden beds anywhere in your yard while not compromising on their watering.

Doesn’t take up space

If you don’t particularly have a lot of yard space at your disposal, heaps of hose lying on the ground is the last thing you want. Even if the sight itself doesn’t bother you, it will most likely be in the way, which is not only annoying but even dangerous. You don’t want to trip over your house and hurt yourself. A retractable hose reel eliminates this issue. Since it’s wall-mounted, it takes up virtually no space. It’s a practical solution for keeping a small garden organized.

Neat and organized

Someone who likes to keep their garden neat and well-organized might struggle without a retractable hose reel. Even if a lack of space is no concern of yours, the ugly sight of tangles of hose laying around might very well be. Another great benefit of a retractable hose reel is that your hose will always be neatly stored and out of sight. This reduces clutter and helps you keep the look of your garden beautiful at all times.

Saving you a lot of work

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of a practical retractable hose reel is that they allow you to work smart instead of working hard. An automatic hose reel will save you a lot of manual work as you won’t have to collect and fold up your hose yourself—it can all be done with a gentle tug. Pulling out the hose from a retractable hose reel is also easy. Remove the muscle work from the chore of watering and you’ll be able to focus on more enjoyable garden tasks.

Protecting your hose

Last but not least, another considerable perk of a retractable hose reel is that it essentially prolongs the lifetime of your hose. With a retractable hose reel, you won’t ever leave your hose lying around your garden. It won’t be exposed to the harsh summer sun for hours on end every day, so it won’t deteriorate as fast, nor will it get dirty, which will make using it more pleasant. As the chances of knots are also considerably lower, you won’t have to worry about your hose breaking either.

At first glance, a retractable hose reel might not seem like something that will make a big difference in your day-to-day garden work. However, as you can see by these perks, it can indeed make your life easier. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t leverage the convenience it offers if it will make working in your garden even a little more enjoyable. Pick a retractable hose reel that fits your yard’s aesthetic and you’ll love yourself for this purchase!


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