What shapes of die-cut packaging boxes are trending in 2022?

What shapes of die-cut packaging boxes are trending in 2022?

Brands always try to go beyond the traditional methods to inspire their customer base. Packaging has been the biggest asset for all such brands to attract buyers in the retail stores. The addition of the die-cut packaging boxes comes among the top considerations for all such firms. The iconic window panes in the top lid or side walls make this packaging unique. Brands are free to choose the size, color, and material of these boxes.

The packaging’s popular materials are cardboard, eco-friendly bux board, and Kraft paper. These sturdy materials also keep the products safe inside this packaging. The modern custom features like embossing, foiling, scoring, and perforation raises its aesthetics and the iconic die-cut window option. Custom design print becomes much more appealing over them with the help of digital offset printers. On the other hand, finishes also play a role in lifting their aesthetics.

The die-cut packaging boxes are among the most influencing packaging solution whose usage remains trending. However, this trend changes over time. The year 2022 is clearly for these boxes, and some specific design shapes are making their way to the markets. All of those options with an iconic window are how to make the businesses successful. Here are some most popular and trending types of these boxes in 2022.

Sleeve die-cut packaging boxes:

Sleeve boxes are at the top among several different popular types of die-cut packaging nowadays. They are among the trending designs of this packaging type because of their unboxing. These beautiful boxes consist of a removable sleeve and an internal tray that carries the products.

This unique combination of the tray and sleeve becomes a charm for the buyers. A transparent window on the top side of the sleeve makes it easier for people to look at the products. Buyers can easily see the aesthetics of products.

Moreover, pulling the internal tray out also allows customers to touch and authenticate the quality of products. In this same way, the sales go higher because of customer satisfaction. Therefore, both the businesses and customers love this shape of the boxes.

Boxes with product shape window:

Traditionally, the die-cut boxes come with a typical square or rectangular window. However, People love the concept when this window comes in a more artistic style. One such popular way is adding windows that highlight the information about internal products. Therefore, a window is crafted according to the shape of any specific part of the product or the product itself.

As a result, people can easily guess about the possible products inside. Hence, this phenomenon helps them find their desired products easily and quickly. For example, it is common to use packaging with the window crafted in Spades or diamonds for the playing cards. Similar is the case with bakery, fashion, and other items. 

Custom boxes with logo craft:

Another attractive shape that is becoming furiously popular around the globe is custom boxes. It is a personalized die-cut box packaging with a logo crafted in the walls to create a window. A die-cut machine is fitted with a die with a brand logo crafted in it to make it possible. This die helps create a window in the shape of the brand logo.

People love this creativity and appreciate the brands using such creative packaging. It becomes easy to remember a brand for buyers when they see the products through an artistic window. Such custom packaging benefits the firms in public branding and achieving a vast new customer base.

Mailer die-cut packaging boxes:

Startups are widely accepting the use of mailer die-cut boxes wholesale for their business operations. Specifically, the firms selling their products through the online marketplaces prefer its use. Inspiring a buyer sitting at home and ordering the products is a challenge. However, these boxes are specifically beneficial to meet this goal. This box with the window panes has become a reliable option to ship the products safely to consumers’ doorstep.

Moreover, its unique design leaves a positive impression on the buyers. Custom printing makes these boxes a brand ambassador. People prefer to keep unique packaging and often reuse it to package gift items for loved ones. All these benefits of these types of window boxes make them a top-notch option for e-commerce businesses.

Dual side window packaging:

Saying these popular die-cut boxes in the UK as the most popular option among buyers and firms is the truth. It is easy to use this concept in any box, unlike the other options. Moreover, there are no size and dimension restrictions. Usually, a box comes with a window on any side of the wall or over the lid.

However, the window is crafted on the edges of two adjacent walls and goes to their centric point. Such creative packaging exposes products in a maximum way. This type of box is common for baby feeding products, toys, bakeries, and electronic items.

Boxes with magnetic closure:

People have become much more sensitive to taking precautions, especially over the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world globally. Now they prefer to keep items safe from external exposure during transportation. Therefore, the die-cut box packaging with magnetic closure has become more popular.

There are almost no chances of the accidental opening of the box flips, unlike the other box types. A magnet is placed inside the hinged lid of this box that encloses the products tightly inside. Moreover, there are no chances for the air and moisture to pass through. This phenomenon keeps items safe in every aspect. 

It is easier to understand why all these shapes of die-cut packaging boxes have become so popular in 2022. The ease of purchase decisions and other perks inspire consumers to only go with products with such creative packaging. Moreover, the benefits businesses gain through its use make them a favorite option for every stakeholder.

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