Where does the sports broadcast go?

Where does the sports broadcast go?

Type “Super Bowl” into Google and the pre-match hype about what to expect in a clash between two football teams is about half of what you see. The other half are concerned that many people around the world have come to refer to the Super Bowl as a launching pad for brands, filmmakers and even election campaigns.

Of course, brands have taken center stage in 2019.

 While the deadlock itself resulted in a rather poor 13-3 score for the New England Patriots, break shows and commercial breaks managed to draw audiences in with a series of creative efforts from the biggest brands in the world.

Not all ads are created equal: In 2019, KIA received the highest ratings on social media, and Bumble was praised for its ad with world-famous tennis star Serena Williams. Bumble’s ads target women in sports and make it clear that female leadership and control goes beyond 해외스포츠중계  to all aspects of life, including dating: “Women, the ball is on your side.” Excellent advertisement.

In addition to the sweet message these ads carry, brands are successful because of where they appear. Unlike many other more prescriptive moments in the media, the Super Bowl is an event that people indulge in with no expectations other than to be amazed by what they see and tell their friends about it.

General moment

The Super Bowl is a rarity in today’s dynamic media landscape. At a time when viewers are using as much video on their mobile devices as on their TVs, people are no longer connected to broadcast programming.

But sports remains one of the few genres considered by many to be a must-see on live TV

 And doesn’t disappear overnight. All this about a four-round game requires watching some of the biggest creative releases at the same time. For a viral marketer, this is dynamite. Of course, this is not an option that has gone unnoticed. The $30 million promotional trophy shown on Fox for $5.6 million is expected to be as intense as the on-pitch showdown. One of the most popular contributors is Facebook. Facebook tried to position groups as a way for people to connect with like-minded people through the “More Together” campaign. It’s hard to imagine a more compelling combination of brand and event than the LIFE Super Bowl.

Omni channel Experience

Another unique element, perhaps more recent in its development, is that the Super Bowl is a multimedia phenomenon. If viewers are not monitoring their tablet or mobile phone, it is turned on and in hand.

In this context, the NFL has teamed up with the new popular social media video app TikTok. While it may seem like a first-class option, the American Professional Football League isn’t the first sports organization to partner with TikTok – the NBA, Wimbledon and the International Cricket Council have all invested in a social media app to diversify their audiences. Achieves and reinforces the commitment they can create.

To reach a younger audience who watch less than two hours of TV a day but more than three and a half hours on their phones, TikTok is indeed an important next step in the future of sports marketing.

Due to different ages, genders, political views, and personal interests, the Super Bowl is relevant to different audiences in different ways. With this in mind, UK marketers need to be able to improve the multi-screen experience for each segment. They will do this by truly understanding their audience wherever they are and by using technology platforms that can leverage data with multi-channel campaigns.

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