Which Credit Card is Best in RBL Bank?

Which Credit Card is Best in RBL Bank?

RBL Bank is among the quickest commercial banks in the country, with plans to expand even further. It is one of India’s most well-known banks, offering more than 35 credit cards in various categories. 

RBL Bank credit cards provide perks in a variety of areas, including movies, shopping, travel, dining, and more. Cashback, reward points, and discounts are all available for purchases made with the card. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have provided details and evaluations of the top RBL Bank Credit Cards.

Types of RBL bank credit cards

  1. Travel & Lifestyle Credit Cards
  2. Movies & Entertainment Credit Cards
  3. Rewards Credit Cards
  4. Shopping, Dining & Bill Payments Credit Cards
  5. Loan & Money Transfer Credit Cards

Which RBL credit card is the best?

It all relies on your spending habits and needs. You can get the RBL Bank World Safari Credit Card if you want to earn rewards on your travels. You can get an RBL Shoprite Credit Card if you wish to earn points when you shop.

Top credit cards of RBL bank

It’s difficult to recommend just one credit card as the best for everyone. You can select the RBL credit card that is best for you based on your eligibility, income, credit score, and spending patterns.

Top RBL Credit Cards in India 2022

RBL Credit CardsAnnual FeeBest Suited For
RBL Platinum Maxima Credit CardRs. 2,000Rewards & Movies
RBL Bank World Safari Credit CardRs. 3,000Travel
RBL Bank Icon Credit CardRs. 5,000Rewards & Movies
RBL Bank Popcorn Credit CardRs. 1,000Movies & Cashback
RBL Shoprite Credit CardRs. 500Rewards & Shopping
RBL Platinum Delight Credit CardRs. 1,000Rewards 
RBL Titanium Delight Credit CardRs. 750Movies & Rewards
RBL Monthly Treats Credit CardRs. 75/ monthCashback

Features and benefits of RBL bank credit card

  • Generous Rewards: Any credit card purchase earns you reward points. On various RBL Bank credit cards, you may earn welcome points, extra points, and accelerated rewards.
  • Secure Transactions: RBL Bank offers credit cards with an EMV Microchip integrated into them, which improves security against fraud and duplication.
  • Active Alerts: With SMS and email notifications received on a regular basis, stay on top of all your transactions, missed payment dates, bill payment receipts, monthly card statements, and more.
  • Adjustable Credit Limit: RBL Bank’s credit cards come with a feature that allows you to set spending limitations on your credit card.
  • Online Banking: You may access your credit card account online at any time and from any location.
  • Cash Advance Facility: With your RBL credit card, you may get cash whenever you need it. From the date of the transaction forward, cash transactions will be subject to a fee and financing charges.
  • Add-on cards: RBL provides supplementary cards for your family members. For your spouse, parents, and children, you can get up to 5 cards.

Eligibility to apply for RBL bank credit card

To be eligible for RBL Bank credit cards, you must have a good credit score (over 750) and meet the basic eligibility criteria set by the bank, the details of which are given below.

In order to be eligible for an RBL credit card, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria- 

  1. Age must be between 25years to 65 years 
  2. Must be either salaried, self-employed, student, or a retired pensioner 
  3. Should have a stable income (gross) of up to Rs.3 lakh per year Should be a resident of India Must have a minimum Credit Score of 750.

Following are the documents required to get an RBL Bank Credit Card- 

  • An identity proof issued by the government of India like voter ID, driving license, aadhar card, passport, ration card, etc. 
  • Proof of Income 
  • Address proof PAN Card 
  • Passport size photograph

RBL credit card statement

Every month, you will receive a credit card statement. The statement will include all of your previous month’s information and transactions. Depending on the option you select, you will receive your statement via courier or email. The credit card statement should be thoroughly scrutinized.

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