Which writing method is best?

Which writing method is best?

Studies show: The “reading by writing” method leads to better expression and more lively texts – but also more errors. This is also because there is less time for spelling practice in elementary school today than there was a few years ago. The weighting of the learning content has shifted in favor of English and more project work and Buy Thesis Online.

The systems used to teach vary from state to state. They also differ from school to school, sometimes even from teacher to teacher. Because: As so often in life, there is no silver bullet here either.

At the majority of elementary schools, a mixed form of different methods is now used for teaching. Most primers work with an initial sound table. And the teachers use special exercise books to teach writing in as many ways as possible.

Why should children learn to write?

Surveys show that more and more children have problems with writing. Some people’s hands hurt quickly, others write slowly and not fluently. In secondary schools, teachers complain that their students’ handwriting is illegible.

The countries react differently to this (international) problem: In Finland, the children no longer learn cursive, instead, they practice typing on the computer in addition to the printed handwriting. Sounds quite logical in times when (at least from adulthood) you only use the pen for the shopping list and birthday cards.

However, there is of course a connection between writing and learning: if you write down information by hand, it will be much easier to remember what you have written afterward. In Germany, the latest idea is called: Grundschrift.

What typefaces are there?

There is a lot of discussion about the method of learning to write – but no less about the way of writing. Here is a brief overview:

  • Latin source script (LA): taught since 1953, fine motor skills the highest challenge.
  • The simplified original script (VA): Developed in the early 1970s, capital letters approach block letters, fewer changes in writing direction.
  • School exit script (SAS): a simplified form of the Latin exit script, introduced in the GDR in 1964 and binding there.
  • Basic script (GS): Block letters made up of individual letters with ticks, how the children connect the letters, they can decide for themselves, is propagated by the German Primary School Association.

A few decades ago, cursive was taught as the first hand, then printed as a second hand. Then there was a reversal of method: first the print, then the cursive. At the moment, many educators are advocating the “basic script” as a type of associated print.

Learn to write with the basic handwriting

Basic script proponents argue that learning two scripts is unnecessarily difficult. One (the basic typeface) would suffice, and your handwriting would automatically develop from it. Opponents of basic script refer to a study from Canada which showed that the learning gain is greater. When writing in cursive than with block or a mixture of block and cursive.

Another argument: many children are overwhelmed by the creative freedom to think about how they connect which letters. Legible writing at a good pace becomes a problem.

The fact is: There are no reliable scientific findings as to which method is the best. In this respect, our tip for all parents is: Make sure that your children write as fluently as possible and with automated movements and Where Can I Find Online Essays?

Learn to write quickly: Here’s how you can help your child

Learn to write = practice writing

It doesn’t matter which script is taught in schools: it’s important to practice, practice and practice again. Sweeps, words, sentences, texts – proper writing can only be created if it is automated and put on paper with the right momentum. But you should also be patient with your offspring because correct pressure control and fluent writing are major learning goals during the first year of school.

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