Why did we buy the Aquaguard air purifier? Things you need to know

Why did we buy the Aquaguard air purifier? Things you need to know

We believe that because we cannot feel indoor air pollution, it does not exist. The World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency, on the other hand, estimate that the air we breathe indoors is up to ten times more dangerous than that found outdoors. Indoor air pollution is a leading cause of allergies, colds, sneezing, headaches, and heart problems. This alone should demonstrate the critical nature of breathing safe and healthy air indoors.

Air purifiers are one of the most effective methods for ensuring that we breathe clean air. The multi-filtration system in Best Air Purifiers ensures that large particles such as dust, animal hair etc. are eliminated and respirable particles. Certified by the German Lab, these purifiers combine rugged design with advanced technology to ensure that you always breathe clean, healthy air.

However, each purifier is tailored to a specific situation. The majority of eureka forbes air purifiers come in various sizes and capacities and can be used in either the home or office.

Eureka Forbes Air Purifiers is ideal for rooms with a larger footprint, such as living rooms or other areas of your home. Its six-stage filtration process enables it to purify at multiple levels. Its anti-allergen and antibacterial filtration ensure that the air is pure and healthy to the tune of 99.99 percent. Additionally, it includes an integrated humidifier that regulates indoor humidity.

Eureka Forbes Air Purifiers is small enough to be placed beside your bed. Its efficiency is owed to its one-touch operation. Additionally, this purifier enables you to monitor the air quality. The nine-stage filtration process ensures that the indoor air is free of large particles, volatile organic compounds, and microorganisms. The filter infuses the air with vita-ions vitamins, silver ions, and diatoms, all of which aid in the process of rejuvenation during sleep. As a result, you awake feeling revitalized and energized.

Below are some reasons to buy a Eureka Forbes Air Purifier


In today’s world technology is constantly evolving. It is the same with air purifier technology. Today, you can choose from eureka forbes air purifiers that include an active 10X pre-filter, an advanced HEPA filter that efficiently removes airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, or patented active shield 2X technology that eliminates infection-causing microbes, to name a few. Thus, the best of everything is available. 


Every other day, a new brand shouts from the rooftops, attempting to make a point. Attempting to sell an air purifier. Choose a brand like Eureka Forbes that you are familiar with. A brand that is familiar to your family. A brand that is omnipresent in your mind. And when you do, you gain trust, quality, service, and a slew of other advantages.


While quality and technology are critical factors in determining which air purifier to purchase, price is also an important consideration. Today, the selection is so extensive that you can spend anywhere between Rs. 6000 and Rs. 40000 or more. The general rule is to purchase air purifiers such as Eureka Forbes Air Purifiers that are compatible with your home, requirements, and lifestyle. And get it for the best price possible.


This is an area that you must pay close attention to. While the best air purifiers require little of this service, it’s always a good idea to choose a brand like Eureka Forbes with a reputation for excellent customer service. This way, you are not concerned if something goes wrong. 

Why we enjoy using Eureka Forbes Air Purifier

The Eureka Forbes Air Purifier has a six-stage filtration system and is ozone-free. However, there are some concerns about the company’s service. Additionally, the product is certified by the Asthma Society of India. The Eureka Forbes Air Purifier is ideal for living rooms, offices, and other similar areas at a reasonable price. 

The Eureka Forbes Air Purifier comes with a one-year product warranty and a five-year motor warranty. The company offers in-home service for any repairs that may be required. Additionally, it provides complimentary installation and guarantees service within 48 hours. Its features make it a worthwhile purchase.


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