Why Your Metabolism Gets Slow By The Age?

Why Your Metabolism Gets Slow By The Age?

Your metabolism would get slow by age, and there are so many things that you need to take care of. If you have put extra weight on yourself, make sure you work hard to get rid of those extra pounds. Here in this blog, we will put up a few reasons to let you know why your metabolism gets slow by age. Metabolism is the chemical reaction that keeps your body active and determines how many calories you have burnt throughout the day. The faster your metabolism would help to burn more calories. Have a look

Less Active

It has been seen with people who get less active with age, which slows down metabolism. Exercise and non-exercise activities would disrupt the habit of burning calories daily. Active people have a possible 50% chance to boost their metabolism with age. Make sure you keep yourself active by going on a walk every day and spending time on household chores. Older adults are not very active and burn few calories. When you stay active, it helps prevent a low level of metabolism. Regular workouts are essential, and we don’t recommend you to get started with strenuous exercise. Just go for the lightweight.

Lose Muscle

Loss of muscle with age is common, and it causes fractures, weakness and early death. It slows down your metabolism, so more muscles would increase the metabolism. Muscle mass is affected by the activity level and when you lose more muscle mass, incorporate yourself into other activities. Mass increases metabolism and people who have lost muscle mass issue they should pay attention to diet and decrease hormone production. Consume fewer calories and protein and decrease the hormone-like estrogen, testosterone, and growth hormone production.

Poor Sleeping Pattern

If you people have poor sleeping patterns, it’s possible to have slow metabolism with age. Lack of sleep would reduce metabolism and affect health as well. Make sure you are sleeping at least 7-8 hours. It doesn’t matter whatever your routine is. Just unplug yourself from technology before an hour. Take rest, and a night of long sleep would restore the metabolism level and make you active.

Not Eating Protein Rich Foods

A protein diet would help you to fight against slow metabolism issues. People who are not eating protein rich foods would slow down their metabolism. Your body burns calories while digesting protein rich foods and these have higher levels of TEF than carbs and fat-rich foods. Consuming 25-30% protein calories would boost the metabolism compared to a lower protein diet.

Taking Low-Calorie Diet

It has been observed in cases where a calorie diet makes them fatigued and puts the body in starvation mode. Dieting has so many benefits when you are younger and if you maintain muscle mass, it won’t let your metabolism slow down. Eat enough calories and consume smaller portions more often. It’s good to have high calorie snacks such as cheese and nuts.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol disrupts sleep and causes so many health complications. People who have been consuming alcohol for so long they would have low metabolism issues by the age. If you are alcohol addicted then get yourself treated from rehab centers to get rid of this abuse. Take your loved ones to rehab centers if you find their condition worse by struggling with substance abuse. Drug help hotline is available 24/7 to assist you all. They would give free consultation and complete detail about treatment therapies. Avoid this abuse as much as you can to protect yourself from further health complications.

Not Going For Resistance Training

There are two factors that raise the speed of metabolism. Resistance training or weight lifting help you to prevent slow metabolism issues. It offers exercise benefits while preserving muscle mass. Ensure you are doing resistance training three times a week, increasing the RMR. High-intensity interval training should also have been opted because it helps to prevent slowing metabolism. Interval training should be added to the cardio routine for burning more calories.

Lower Down The Trans-Fat Intake

Trans fats are not bad for the heart and slow down the body’s burning of fat. Eating trans-fat causes insulin resistance. Trans fats don’t easily take up glucose from blood and inflammation. It would mess up the metabolism level with age. Make sure you are taking care of it.

Go For Some Caffeine

Caffeine is best for speeding up the central nervous system and boosting metabolism. Many of you may start your day with a dose of caffeine, and it keeps them energetic throughout the day. Coffee would be great to improve energy levels during exercise which helps you to work harder and burn more calories.

Incorporate Seafood To Diet

Seafood is packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to boost metabolism. It supplements the diet with fish oil, increases lean muscle, and decreases fat intake. Fish oil improves the ability to lower fat-storage enzymes in the body.

Destress Yourself

Stress lowers the metabolism level, and you should know about the ways of relieving stress. The best way to destress yourself is to get some rest, and people who are sleep deprived would have a negative impact on their mental health. If you are feeling more stressed then go to sleep because this is one of the excellent therapies to boost the metabolism level. Never compromise on the sleeping pattern. Make a list of things for which you are grateful.

These are the reasons that could slow down the metabolism level with age. Take out yourself from frustration and indulge in any activity such as light jogging, dance, cardio and much more. Destress yourself and start doing mindful meditation, which effectively reduces stress.


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