Will My Lost Cat Ever Return Home?

Will My Lost Cat Ever Return Home?

Cat owners who have had to deal with cat gone missing situations in the past know how dreadful it feels to lose furry friends. If you are a feline pet parent who is on the lookout for your lost cat, know that some kitties find their way back home. It could take days, weeks, or months, and there are instances where fur babies are reunited with their human parents even years later.

Suppose a kitty returns home but is sick or injured; don’t you want to be prepared with a medical financial backup? It makes sense to have pet health insurance, so your furry feline gets quality health care at manageable costs during accidents, injuries, medical emergencies, and more. So, explore the best pet insurance policies in town and consider purchasing the one that most  suits your kitty pie’s health needs and your budget.

While contemplating buying a pet policy, read this article to learn answers to some frequently asked questions regarding cats finding their way home.

Will my cat find its way home?                                                       

Feline fur babies have the miraculous ability known as “Homing instinct” that aids them in finding their way back home. At the same time, we are unsure how instinct functions, but many incidents prove that feline fur babies locate their homes through scent cues and geomagnetic fields.

Remember that indoor/outdoor/stray cats have these homecoming instincts. Plus, just like humans, some cats can be more perceptive and have a stronger sense of direction, enabling them to find and follow the trail home much more efficiently.

Will my cat find its way to my new home?

If you lost your kitty while moving to a new home or soon after the move, perhaps your fluffy fur ball hasn’t settled in the new zone to call “Home”. While some cats realize that they have shifted to a new place in fewer days, others can take weeks to get to the point.

Suppose your munchkin has registered the magnetic geolocation of the new home in its mind, then the kitty can retrieve this information and use it to get back home. Also, we can’t rule out the possibility of your furry baby traveling back to your last residence, especially if it lived there for a significant amount of time.

So, if you have recently moved homes and lost your kitty, check if it returned to your former home. Inform your old and new neighbors to keep an eye on the cats visiting the neighborhood because you never know if your kitty cat will pass by to find you there, hopefully.

Do cats return home years later?

A lost kitty can get back to its home even after years, so don’t lose hope if you can’t find your furball in a short span of it wandering off. Keep in touch with your old neighbors and constantly check the local animal shelters; someday, you might get lucky.

While you can’t guess the odds of a cat not returning home, consider purchasing a pet health insurance policy when your furball is still with you, safe and sound, to guard its health on all sides. Kitty needs this medical support, so you don’t have to think twice about providing the required medical care during unanticipated health scenarios. So, why wait? Start exploring the best pet insurance policies now!


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